Travel tech

Travel tech gadgets for your next vacay

How to find that perfect travel tech gadget to make travel easier, better, more beautiful even? There is so much out there. A quick search on Google can dazzle you for hours with everything that is already out there. But what do you really need? Which travel gadget do we really want to take on our journey towards a new exciting destination?

My travel tech wish list

It can’t be too big; sometimes it needs to fit in just a carry-on for a city trip, or a small tote on a road trip. It also can’t be too heavy; you always reach that maximum weight of luggage sooner than you want. So this is my own personal travel tech wish list.

Luggage tracker

Travel techMy worst nightmare is that I lose my suitcase full of clothes that I am fond off and carefully packed to feel comfortable on my journey. If I did lose it, I would want it back as soon as possible and make sure it doesn’t end up in airport limbo. With TrakDot you will never lose your luggage again. It sends your phone an alert when the luggage is within 30 feet and keeps you informed on the destination of your bags. The catch in this device? there is a subscription fee…But what is your luggage worth to you?

Sunscreen coverage

Did I miss a spot? Did I apply the sunscreen evenly or will some of my body resemble a lobster after an hour in the sun…? No worries, a Sunscreenr device will show you exactly where you need to apply a bit more, even after sweating or swimming!

Fatboy on the beach

I want to see as much as I can, but some time should be reserved for relaxation, too. And what better way to do that on a beach? Not in the sand, but on a light airy Fatboy. Lamzac offers just this. It is super easy to set up and get it ready for all the laziness.


travel tech

Okay, this is not new. But I want them badly. I’d love to make Snaps from my own perspective without having to hold my phone (or other video memory recording device) and that’s what these Spectacles from Snapchat allow you to do. The glasses even look quite fashionable, don’t you think?

VR Gear

I want to travel. All the time. Even when I’m enjoying home life, my wanderlust needs to be soothed. That is not a problem nowadays. Via Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube wandering with the mind is easy, and nothing will probably beat the real deal in real life, but I reckon with virtual reality (such as this Samsung Gear VR) you can get really close if you download the right apps. Perfect for rainy days. And it is also an excellent excuse to enjoy a cocktail on a VR beach in California.

Happy travels!

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