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This is why we can’t leave Facebook

It has been the same boring blue colors forever, it screwed us over regarding our privacy multiple times and yet: we can’t seem to get ourselves to leave Facebook. Why can’t we do it? Well, here’s why.

Facebook rules our lives. There are so many reasons to stay there. It’s not even to send people a photo of something the cat dragged home or of this festival you were having a great time at. It is for so many other things. It started off being this thing where you’d friend people in your inner circle, so you could keep up with what they were doing while you were sharing things as well just to make it a more interactive experience. That was good, but you can do that on a lot of social media.

The problem is that many other people, especially older ones, are only on Facebook. And because Facebook has been around for so long, often people that are no longer with us still have a profile on the social medium, which makes it even harder for people to leave. So, yeah, there is definitely that human side to it. But there is so much more. 

Opportunities on Facebook

Why I am still on Facebook, mainly has to do with opportunities. I am a member in multiple communities that have actually gotten me a freelance job that I have been enjoying for over a year now. And then there are these music pages that I follow, so I immediately know when my fave band or rapper is going to come to the Netherlands. Or, any other fun event that I would never have known about if there was no Facebook.

So even though we all love to hate it a little bit, we’re all still there. May be posting a little less, maybe even with a different name, but we are there, just waiting for those amazing opportunities. Or remembering someone we have loved. And that certainly is okay.

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