The best Snapchat-filters of all time

Even though Snapchat is mostly used by teenagers, it is something that older people definitely have shown interest in. Not so much because of its social options, but simply because their filters are soooo good. TechGirl shares its favourite Snapchat filters with you.


Faceswap is the thing where you hold a picture of someone in your hand, or you just stand next to your friend, and Snapchat will change your faces. So you get your friends face (or that of Amy Poehler, if you were holding her picture) and your friend (or Amy) gets yours. It has a lot of funny options and especially checking the internet for Snapchat Faceswap is awesome.


Probably the most used filter of 2019 would be the genderswapper. Men turn into the most beautiful women and women turn into, well, a masculine version of themselves, which weidly enough is not as hot. This filter is so good, so real, you would almost believe you were supposed to be of the opposite sex.


Especially in the early days of Snapchat, people were all over the dog. Not their actual dog, but the dog filter. It was mostly because people were so surprised by how great Snapchat is in applying filters to a persons face. The dog would give you cute ears and if you’d open your mouth there would appear a huge tongue. Not sexy, but tres cute.

Dog (this one is actually meant for dogs)

Glasses or antlers, it does not matter, the dog filter that is actually meant for your dog is great. It is awesome that Snapchat added options for your pets (cats are included too), so you can make them look ridiculous without actually having to make them uncomfortable. Especially the antlers for christmas are so cute, with the little bells dangling. It simply makes us love our dogs even more.


This one is pretty cute and a bit creepy as well. Just like Snapchat is able to turn you into the opposite sex in just an instant, it will also offer you the option to turn into a baby. You do not even have to cry and pout, Snapchat has no problem calculating what you would look like as a baby. Sometimes that can be very creepy though.

Cell shaded

If you love comics, you will definitely love the cell shaded filter, that has a bit of that Roy Lichtenstein style going on. You get black lines around you as if you are indeed a comic book character. Very fun to use on many different occasions, and often pretty dramatic too.


Well, just open Tinder and you’ll see: the pretty option is just as popular under women as a photo of them doing yoga on the beach. Pretty does the same thing your phone would do if you would turn the ‘beautify’ options on, meaning your skin gets smoother, lighter and your eyes even get a little big bigger.

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