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Tech jargon explained: Mobile first

Are you entering the world of web design or development and are you stumbling upon tech jargon? I’m here to rescue you! I’m starting a series about tech jargon, and this week my post is about ‘Mobile first’. What is it and why must you use it?

Where it all began

In another article on this series I wrote about Responsive web design. In summary, it’s about making your website device ready. After this technique became more used and established, people stumbled upon some issues. Websites were pretty bulky at the time and web developers and designers were having trouble fitting the content on smaller screens. They tended to leave content away on mobile phones. Luke Wroblewski then suggested a new idea: why not build mobile first? When it fits the needs of a mobile device, it will surely fit the needs on desktop, as well.

Mobile first usage

Designers and developers started to design and develop mobile first. And you can recognize it more and more on desktops, too. A good example of mobile first is the hamburger menu. It is used increasingly on desktop nowadays. Fonts and buttons are also larger to fit the touch on mobile devices.


It is nice to build your website mobile first, but personally, I like to design my websites for the desktop first and think about content choreography while designing. If you want to check if your designs are responsive, you can do so in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Experience Design.

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