Spotify might soon be introducing Stories

Spotify is working on a new function that is pretty exciting, but not very original. It want to make it possible for artists to make Stories. No crazy videos like Instagram Stories would offer, but a Q&A-like video to answer questions people might have about a certain song.

Blogger Jane Wong placed a video online that showed the Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid, answering questions about the music. After every question there is a piece of music that you can actually save in your library.

Special playlist

So it is kind of like a special playlist where artists can say something in between the songs. That is a bit like a concert, though unfortunately not all artists are as social. It is a very nice way for artists to interact with their audience, even if it is in a non-live way.

Till now Spotify has not been as social. Sure, you can listen to other people’s playlists, but artists cannot really interact with anyone. They can only put their music online and their photo, and that’s about it. Now the artist can reach out to their audience more, which is interesting. Instagram could also be a place to do that, but to really dive into the music is way more fitting on Spotify, where you can actually listen to the music.

Stories on Spotify

It does look a lot like the Stories-options on social media though. You just click the profile phone and you open the story the artist wants you to hear about. Though, nothing is really confirmed yet, as Spotify has not said anything about the option.

Would you like it though? To be honest, I am okay with the Stories in the way they are presented now, where the artist just sends out his or her message. I would not really like Spotify to be too social: if I want to interact with an artist, I do it on Instagram anyway. What do you think?

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