Pinterest broadens skintone range search

Discover your personalized style ideas on the go? Pinterest wants to get a piece of this action too. Last year the social medium already began testing an inclusive search feature on the web to narrow beauty results by skin tone range. And now it is launching this feature more broadly in their searches and it’s coming to mobile too.

Pinterest is THE place to create a digital vision board or plan that special event. Beauty is one of the most searched categories on Pinterest, according to the social medium itself. And that is why they wanted to make it easier to find the most relevant hair and makeup pins fitting your skin tone or style. So do you want to know which red lipstick matches your skin tone? It’s no longer necessary to add extra keywords to your search. Pinterest will help you out now with suggestions at the top of your screen.

pinterest skintone search   pinterest skintone search 1

This way you can see models that actually look a bit like you. That is not just awesome for feeling more included, it is also just a better way to really see if a certain shade will really match your skin tone. We love it cause you can finally search on models that look like you, and that means we get less disappointed: we already know what the color will look like on people with our eye color or skin tone.

The more you search, the better the results become adjusted to your previous searches. You can select a palette from the drop down in the upper left corner. This feature was already available, but on desktop only. Until now. Your mobile app will aid you in your style searches too. So don’t forget to update the app on your phone if not done automatically.

Happy pinning!


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