Outsmart hackers with these tips

Digital Crime is rising and you are an easy target for hackers, but with these tips, you can outsmart hackers! So let’s start improving your system.

Update software

One of the most important things to do is update your software frequently. If your operating system suggests an update, don’t push it forward or cancel it, but do it as quickly as possible. The same is applied to other software on your computer as well. Outdated software can be a backdoor for hackers, because of outdated code in the software

Difficult passwords

Use difficult and never the same passwords for your accounts. Try to stay away from obvious passwords including last names, date of birth, names of children, etc. Even better is to use a password manager with a vault. That makes it a lot easier for you to remember not guessable passwords like 9uG*Vz7P0nSZI64eq.

Use Secure Wifi

There is Wifi everywhere, also a lot of the Wifi networks are open en not secured. Try to stay away from them or use a VPN connection when you make use of such a network connection. It is really easy to set up an insecure network and collect data form the users on the network.


Use VirusScan software to warn you if something went wrong despite your effort. You can scan your computer on viruses or malware and keep your system safe.

Back-up your system

Back-up your system to prevent problems when you’re the victim of a virus. You can then restore your computer after recovery. There are multiple possibilities for back-ups, but you can consider a cloud-based option, but a difficult password would be more than necessary.

Phishing in e-mail, SMS or telephone conversation

More and more aggressive Phishing is going on these days. Probably you can detect e-mail phishing these days, but Phishing is more and more targetted via phone calls and SMS. Pretending to be an authority you are already familiar with. A while ago I received a text from my bank. It was from the same number as always, and it said something a bit suspicious. I contacted the helpdesk right away and ask if I had to do something with it or if it was phishing instead. Of course, it was phishing and I was immediately worried about all the people who have got the text as well.

So keep your phone, computer and personal data safe and outsmart hackers starting today!

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