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New: Females in Tech Show by Tamara Johanna

TechGirls need to support other girls in tech, right? It’s already hard enough to reach the top in this work field being filled with white privileged men. So… thankfully there are women like Tamara Johanna. What do we do with this amazing Females in Tech Show around the corner? – we give it a big shout out!

The Females in Tech Show is an initiative of Tamara Johanna. You could know her as the founder of the FIIT Collective, which is a global support network for females working in tech, or considering information technology as a career. It’s Tamara’s mission to inspire, support and empower females to live a balanced and purposeful life through a career in information technology.

Stepping up her game

Setting up this Females in Tech Show seems to be the next step in empowering women into tech. On September 14th Johanna’s podcast went live. To quote Johanna: “It’s been a long but very fun 5 months. Getting used to the sound of my voice, lots of late nights, working on weekends, a few hiccups, a few tears but mostly laughs 😉 I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the female in tech community a new platform.”

Now you can enjoy 4 new episodes of the Females in Tech Show:

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