Livia Marati: “We are all about tools at this company”

Being a TechGirl does not necessarily mean you are coding all day. A TechGirl is any woman who uses technology to her advantage. Livia Marati for example uses technology a lot at Eventbrite, a company that offers a platform for selling tickets. First from her home country America: “I had spent a few months in the Netherlands last year and fell in love with it so it was an easy decision.”


Livia worked with Eventbrite for 6.5 years, always based out of the San Francisco HQ. “Eventbrite is the world’s largest event technology and ticketing platform. We build the technology to allow anyone to create, share, find and attend new things to do that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. At our core our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences. Our goal is to enable our event creators to grow their events, streamline their process, and deliver a flawless attendee experience.”

Livia has a good time at Eventbrite, as she recently moved to The Netherlands to work for Eventbrite. “I had been supporting the European teams remotely, but time differences and remote trainings proved to be challenging. When we acquired Ticketscript and grew from two European offices to five with the majority of the team being brand new, this opportunity came up. I had spent a few months in the Netherlands last year and fell in love with it so it was an easy decision. I am very surprised by how transparent the company is with its employees, the pace of innovation and change, and how they’ve done a fantastic job finding people who are connected to the mission and want to make coming to work fun!”

Before she started working for Eventbrite, she was doing sales at Groupon. “I started with a class of 30 new hires and it was my very first introduction into sales which would end up being my career.“ At Eventbrite she focuses a lot on events and trainings, but also new hire training and education: “My team is focused on four main areas when it comes to enablement:

New hire training – we’ve built and created a 2-week program from scratch and host classroom style trainings once a month
Continuing Education Series – this is typically influenced by what’s happening with the company, like a new product launch or process change
Business Development Kickoff – Annual global roadshow where we handle everything from the content to the logistics
Process efficiencies – We’re always looking for ways to make the team’s jobs easier. This is all of the behind the scenes work.”

G-suite by Google

Most companies used to use self-built software, but nowadays they basically need to follow their staff, using all different kinds of online tools like Slack, Trello et cetera. At Eventbrite, this is no different: “We are all about tools at this company. For my role I pretty much live in G-suite by Google but also use Slack for internal communication and LearnCore as our Learning Management System. The sales team here also uses Salesforce, Clearslide, and Outreach.io heavily.”

Those are very well-known platforms, but how about Eventbrites own platform. How does Livia see the future of electronic tickets? “In my time at Eventbrite I’ve already seen a huge focus on mobile and the shift from paper to mobile tickets (QR codes, Passbook, etc). What is interesting is the new way event creators are thinking about the onsite experience and making it more interactive whether that’s through RFID technology or engaging attendees through an event app.”

We wish Livia a great time in The Netherlands!

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