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In today’s world, a laptop is almost a standard item in a handbag. Or at least it should be. With so many people working remotely and becoming digital nomads, a laptop is a must-have when going about town. A good excuse to buy accessories for your laptop. A nice bag, a pretty sleeve, stickers, cables, I want it all.

My mom actually had the best idea for a laptop sleeve. Last Christmas, she printed one of my Instagram pictures on a sleeve. So whenever I am working somewhere other than my couch, I take the sleeve with me and place it on the table strategically. Hoping that people will notice it and become familiar with my brand. If you see this sleeve below on a table in a coffee shop in The Hague, come say hi. It’s me.

Of course there are many more laptop accessories to buy. Look through my personal favorites, and I hope you can find something to your liking!

laptop accessoiries

A mouse

When working remotely, you don’t always want to use the very-unhealthy-for-your-hands-and-wrists touchpad. It’s ok if you’re going out and work for 2-3 hours, but if you have a full day ahead of you it’s better to work with a real mouse. You don’t want to get RSI or carnal tunnel syndrome from using a laptop, right? No.

There are several options to look at when shopping for a mouse. I prefer using a wireless mouse because USB ports are scarce and I need them all. Also, it’s easier to take with me in a bag. Think about what connectivity option is best for you. If you travel often, you might want to have a travel sized mouse. They are a bit smaller and can fit in a laptop bag. Don’t forget to think about the type of sensor you want. You can go for (the old school) trackball or you can opt for an optical sensor (LED light, for example). This kind of depends on what kind of surfaces you’re going to use your mouse on. If you were alive in the 90s, you might now that the trackball can sometimes get stuck if you don’t have a proper mousepad.

If you are a gamer, you will need a more advanced model. You can find some good examples here.

Here are some of my favorite computer mice. The HP is definitely in my top 3.

laptop mouse

1. Logitech MX Master wireless – €77,99 | 2. Trust Sura wireless – €16,98 | 3. Logitech M235 wireless – €24,99 | 4. Trust Yvi mini wireless – €11,95 | 5. HP Z5000 wireless mouse – €35

Laptop sleeve and bag

Wow. Have you ever looked at laptop sleeves? They’re so…BORING. They’re either black or another standard color with a pocket here and there. Definitely not cutting it for me. How are these feminine or stylish? I found there are a couple of options to fix this: design one yourself, look at designer laptop sleeves or look on Instagram. My absolute, must-have, favorite brand out there for laptop sleeves (and phone cases) is Antwerp Avenue. Shout out to Jessica! I’m still obsessed with my “napqueen” phone case. Although that case is out of stock, there are plenty more to choose from.

Laptop bags: same issue. Why are they so ugly? However, I found some functional good-looking bags. If you are really against laptop bags, you could always buy a tote bag. Most laptops fit in there just fine. At the moment, I have my eye on Current Bag Co.. This is a laptop bag that charges your laptop! How convenient. It’s not possible to buy them yet, but the website says they are coming to Kickstarter soon. You can bet I’m there.

Laptop bag

1. & 2. Antwerp Avenue – You had me at rosé and Queen Bee – €50 | 3. Zuprema pink pugs – €21,95 |4. Guess Universal Saffiano Sleeve – €49,95 | 5. Sleevy – €24,99

* And gals, I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but look at your computer size before you buy a sleeve or bag.

A monitor

A monitor isn’t a necessity as much as a luxury, but it can be very useful nonetheless. I watch YouTube videos and work/blog simultaneously. Where do you guys leave all of your windows? In most big offices, having two screens has become the standard. During my day job, I use two monitors as well. So when I come home to one screen, it feels like I’m missing space.

There are a couple of things to think about when buying a monitor and it depends on what you’re going to use it for (duh). If you’re using it just for a second screen to work on, you might want to look at the screen size and features such as a built-in webcam or speakers. If you’re going to watch a lot of movies/Netflix or use it to create YouTube videos, screen resolution might be more important to you. Don’t forget to look at your laptop and see which type of connection is compatible with your laptop (HDMI, VGA, or DVI, for example).


1. HP Pavilion 22xw, 21.5 inches, silver – €249,95 | 2. Acer KA220HQbid, matte, 21,5 inches, black – €118, 75 | 3. Philips 240V5QDSB, 24 inches, matte, full HD – €119 | 4. Samsung U28E590D, 4K screen, 28 inches, matte – €379


New and totally hot: MEO stickers for your Apple chargers and cables. This, you can’t miss. It’s the most useful accessory to tell your similar white Apple cables apart. You no longer have to wonder what charger is yours. MEO has some beautiful designs that are both suited for women and men. The stickers are quite thick and therefore easy to change if you want a new design. Currently, the designs are made by MEO’s artists. You can check them out here.

MEO laptop accessories

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Karen, the owner of MEO (girlboss at its finest!), and she showed me some top secret new designs and told me about upcoming projects. All I can say is: watch out for them because they will be on the European market soon! Follow their adventures on social media (Twitter, Instagram).

The most awesome part about MEO? It’s run by women. #winning


Last but not least, you need good sound. Whether that’s through headphones or speakers. Personally, I use headphones because I’m more on the road with my laptop than at home, and I don’t want to bother people with my music.

The thing about headphones? The price. There are so many options and prices range from €30 to a €400. What is good and what isn’t? Just like smartphones, it kind of depends on what you’re willing to pay for and if listening to music is a priority to you. I do feel that headphones last a long time. I bought an “expensive” pair 4 years ago, and I still use it daily. It’s worth it to splurge, if you ask me.

Noise canceling headphones are pretty popular. For obvious reasons. You then have the choice to go for over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones. When going about town and walking/running, in-ear may be better. But if you’re traveling long distance (by plane, for example), over-ear might be more comfortable. Then, there is the choice for headphones with or without a wire. In my favorites below, I tried to mix “cheaper” models with more expensive ones.


1. Sudio Sweden Regent white – €129 | 2. JBL T450BT white – €47 | 3. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless – €379 | 4. Sennheiser CX 3.00 (in white) – €39 | 5. Sony H.ear MDR-100AAP – €149

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