Intriguing: making money with your photos via EyeEm

Scroll through a persons phone and you get to know them very well. Take their pictures: one person has a gallery filled with selfies, while others enjoy taking pictures with no people on them. Especially if you belong to that latter category, EyeEm might be something to keep an, euhm, eye on.

So I am still in the process of trying to understand this app and what I can get out of it, so please do not view this as a review or recommendation. EyeEm just seemed interesting because you can upload your photos, which can be purchased as stockphotos. Via your Paypal you get paid for the photo.

How much?

How much, that depends on one thing: what kind of license is purchased. A social one will only get you 20 dollars for a photo, while a fully commercial one will put 250 dollars a photo in your Paypal. Please mind that you will get half of it. Will you really get the money that easily? EyeEm promises it will.

When searching on the internet for ‘did you ever sell a photo on EyeEm’ first we get a few referral articles on itself. Then there is a Quora-page where someone asked if there was ever a photo sold on EyeEm, which is positively responded to by multiple people. It definitely has me interested, though I do not make that many stockphotos.

The reason why I am so into this now is probably because I am on a bit of a rough patch with Instagram at the moment. I want something new, something challenging, and something that does not just show partypics of me and my friends. On Instagram I am usually not a huge fan of pictures with just one object in them, especially cause that is mainly used for showing off.

Stock above selfie

I would rather take some stock photos on a holiday or in Amsterdam and just upload it on the much more anonymous EyeEm and see what it does. It seems pretty harmless, and the photo just sits there till someone wants to buy it. You are not on it, no other people are on it, so it seems there are no real threats there. There are some discussions on the internet about the amount of money paid for a photo though. Plus, Getty works with them too, which is a pretty renowned photography company.

I am still a bit skeptic, cause it seems all a bit too easy. Plus, there are millions of photos on there, so it is hard to be noticed anyway. To make it more than just a platform for selling photos, it is possible to really use it as a social medium too. My first photos have been liked by a few people. I have no idea what to expect, but I assume even in three years when I upload my 40.000’th pic, I will still have not sold any of them. It is a nice diary though. And, whenever I do sell my first picture, you will be the first to hear it.

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