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How to: Keep your WordPress website safe

About 34% of all websites online are built with WordPress. So good chance your website is a WordPress website as well. TechGirl Noraly will give you some tips to keep your WordPress safe for users and prevent attacks on your websites.

SSL certificate

SSL is a certificate that protects data between server and browser Data on the website gets live encoded and can’t be intercepted. Do you have a webshop, registration form, contact form or other inputs on your website? Then I recommend SSL for your website. Personal data of your users are protected, and your website is secure.


One of the keywords to keep your WordPress website safe is: UPDATE. WordPress will update automatically, but themes and plugins need to get updated manually. When themes or plugins get outdated they become a hazard for hack attacks. So if you see updates in your updates overview, just update. It is recommended not to update WordPress manually so themes and plugin developers have the change to get their code up to date with the new WordPress version.

Security plugin

All WordPress websites have a login URL. It is easy to find for hack computers of course. It is recommended to NEVER use ‘admin’ or ‘administrator’ as user name. You can install a security plugin like iThemes to prevent failed login attempts. When a user has tried 3 times without any luck, they get blocked for 20 minutes. When they do that 3 times in a row, they are blocked for life. You can run a virus scan and malware scan, to keep your website free from bad files.

Good luck with keeping your website safe!

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