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How to choose in which language to start programming?

Coding is not just a trend, it is a skill you can use for the rest of your life. It does not matter if you are already working in IT or if you just want to test the waters first, cause programming is something you can just learn in your evening hours. But, what to pick? TechGirl to the rescue!

You might have hoped for one answer. But this is not something where we can just say: learn JavaScript! It really depends on both what made you want to learn about programming and what you actually want to do with it. The biggest difference is you can either be a front-end developer or a back-end developer. The first works on the code that the user actually sees, so that would be a more visual thing.

Back-end developer

A back-end developer knows everything about the ‘background’ behind it. So you work the server and the database, which is less visual and more technical. If you are a very social person, you might choose to be a front-end developer, as that will allow you to meet people and talk about what they want things to look like. Back-end developers also discuss that, but sometimes that will always be briefed by the same person.

Another big thing to keep in mind when choosing a programming language, that is what your platform of choice is. If you are an Androidhead, you would probably want to stay away from Objective-C, as that is very iOS-oriented. At the same time Java would be more Android-related, so that would probably be more your thing.

JavaScript, Ruby, and Python

When a developer is asked which basic programming languages are the best, often you will hear JavaScript, Ruby, and Python, as they have a pretty logic basis. Ruby and Python are more for back-end developers, whilst Javascript is very much a front-end language. So, try to look into those, just to get a good start. Especially using some kind of online program that will teach you in a playful way, could really get you inspired to learn more and more every day.

We hope you can start your coding adventure soon, so you will be able to understand many things about IT better, or possibly even land yourself an awesome job in IT. Go for it!

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