Great apps for your toddler girl or boy

Months and months I managed a zero screen policy with my baby girl. This was working great for almost a year, but when mom is using her phone and laptop all the time then a young girls interest is activated.

Now I have got a little toddler running around. She loves the outdoors, playing in her sandbox all day long. But once in a while, she says “Pad” which means she wants to facetime with grandma or wants to play a little game.

Here are three of her favorite things to do.

Match it up

This is a puzzle game where you need to match up the items around the middle with the item in the middle of the screen. First I was a little skeptical if she would understand the principle, but it took her 2 or 3 minutes and she was on a roll.

IOS Android (Free, more option paid)

Miffy educational games

Miffy is a Dutch cartoon character (we call her Nijntje). Miffy got her own app and it is awesome. There are a lot of different puzzle games in the app.

IOS Android Free but unfortunately with spam, so paid would be a better choice.

iPhone, Ipad characters

I discovered a functionality on my native message app recently and it is so extremely cute. You can choose or make your own character and make it talk or raww. Extremely funny and cute at the same time.

Do you have found interesting apps for kids? Let us know!

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