Five outspoken people to follow on Twitter

Twitter has unofficially been crowned as the social medium for journalists, but that does not mean there are only journalists there to enjoy. There are many outspoken people on there, that can be loads of fun. And some very outspoken journalists too, so please enjoy our tips on some interesting people to follow on Twitter.

Reshma Saujani, we have to start this list with her, cause this woman is on fire. She is founder and CEO of Girls Who Code so just like us she wants to get more girls into technology. She tweets a lot about this subject, which we love, but she also voices her opinion on other things by some interesting retweets. You’ll love her just as much as we do: @reshmasaujani.

Marques Brownlee is known as @MKBHD and he is viewed as one of the biggest and most important tech vloggers on our planet. We actually love his Twitter-account more than his video’s, because he uses Twitter to voice his opinions on other things too. He is such a fun guy and he really knows what he is talking about, which makes him a very interesting character to follow.

Though most tech ceo’s are so media trained there is not much fun there, Elon Musk is Elon Musk. @elonmusk tweets are pretty famous, as one of them actually caused him to lose his job and to have the stock market have a pretty serious hiccup. Plus: he really uses it to actually be social, so he really interacts with people on the blue bird platform.

Emily Chang is famous because of her work for Bloomberg, but she also wrote a book that is a pretty cool read, especially for TechGirls: Brotopia: Breaking up the Boy’s Club of Silicon Valley’. @emilychangtv is where you’ll find this author, who tweets a lot about other influential women.

Last but not least: Kara Swisher is a journalist and one of the founders of He is not afraid to tell it like it is, while he also tries to show his interests through other people’s tweets. He is probably the most outspoken person on this list, so definitely check out his profile as he might give you some extreme yet true insights. @karaswisher is the one to follow.

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