My first time on an e-bike

In the Netherlands it is pretty standard to ride a bicycle. Many mothers use it to bring their kids to school, kids use it to cycle to their sports club and there are lots of working people that go to the office on their bike. I am definitely one of the latter group. Every day I cycle 8 kilometers to get to and from work, which takes me 15 minutes each way. That might change though, now that I have ridden an e-bike.

I used to detest e-bikers. When I am struggling on my normal city bike (Yes, with a handy crate at the front) with the wind in my face, some e-biker would come along and easily cycle the same path at least 5x quicker than me. But, most importantly: the effort it took them is 0, or nearly 0. Argh, the frustration of seeing an e-biker be on time in the office, while I have to think about an excuse for cycling so slow in the wind.

My parents: e-bikers

When my parents both bought an e-bike I was like: “Dear family, you’re way too young for one of those and way too sporty.” But they seemed very happy with their new bikes though, and even use them to cycle to my home (which is 40 km’s). Very cute, and I like that they are so fond of their new gadgets. I still did not really try to ride an e-bike, and for some reason whenever I went to my parents house I never got the idea of cycling around on their beloved e-bikes.

Well, times have changed. Coincidentally I was with my parents when it happened, though I did not use their bicycles. We were away to the beautiful Dutch island of Texel when it happened. My father and I were supposed to go horse riding, but when that was cancelled we thought: let’s rent a tandem (a bike for two persons) for mom and dad and a separate bike for Laura. So we did, and at the store I saw that an e-bike was only 10 euros more. Knowing we were on an island where it is even more windy than my ‘own’ cycle path, I thought: Yes, let’s do this!

So I did and I totally fell in love with the bike. I never realised how much I hated the effort that goes into cycling. I knew I was not fond of cycling, but thanks to this Gazelle e-bike I know exactly why I hate cycling so much. With just a little help from our old friend electricity, cycling suddenly is such a fun activity! I did not even use the highest option that much, as I was already having too much fun with the standard and economy one. Plus: I do want to feel like I did something, instead of just sitting there not really moving a muscle.

E-bikes are so e-asy

I was very surprised by how easy an e-bike works. I mean, of course it is not too difficult as the target audience is 50+, but I did not really need any explanation: I just went with it and it was all pretty clear what to do. I did not get the chance to actually charge the bike, but I am sure that is as easy as charging your mobile phone. Possibly even easier, cause I have so many socket problems with my Samsung, but that is a story for another time.

So this weekend I turnt from a girl that was just as annoyed by e-bikers as sports cyclists, to a person that kinda envies people that have an e-bike. I really want one now, but they cost as much as my upcoming trip to Costa Rica, and I do try to value memories over gadgets. This is a hard one though, I would really make my life a lot easier if I would just be able to e-bike everywhere. May be even to my parents home!

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