Chrome Dev Summit Review 2019 San Francisco

Chrome Dev Summit is a two-day event started on Nov 11th 2019 with keynote speak kicks us off, at Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in San Francisco, California. I am very excited about this event, because this was my first time to the Chrome dev summit and also I have the honor to be granted the conference scholarship to the event, this is an awesome opportunity to be in California and to meet awesome professional people there!

About the event

There are speakers. For example about Adaptive Loading: Improving the user-experience for millions on low-end devices, a presentation done by Addy Osmani and Nate Scholls (Facebook). But it was also about PWA and the installable Web by PJ Mclachlan and Sam Thorogood and Advancing the web framework ecosystem, a talk by Shubhie Panicker and Houssein Djirdeh.


As almost every Google held summit for different topic would provide, there is always Codelabs in the Sandbox for attendees to get a peek of, the platform that enable you to learn how to build the Google products. Also attendees could get early access to some preview functions. What you need is to just take your laptop with you and use the account that you registered with Google Summit event, then you can get early access account activated on

Visiting booths

Web dev

The code lab for web technology website provided by Google has plenty of resources you can learn from.


You can review your performance of website internally to get more insight about how you could improve your web and page performance given the resources and feedback provided by Lighthouse.

You can find more details here.

  • Extension 

   There are some partner booths on the side of the sandbox area, and I happened to visit the Google Extension booth because I use some extensions on daily basis and I would just like to chat with Google experts and see anything I don’t know about. We talk about what are our favorite Google extensions uses daily. 

  • Partners booths

There are also partner booths such as Samsung etc. 

  • Web new capabilities

This is my favourite part from the google web dev product, by providing capabilities of web via API or other tools, the feature enable the developers more resilience to build and test your web app on mobile platform. 

The main goal of web capabilities is to decrease the gap between web and the native app. To make developers easy to build great experience on the web. I stopped by the web capabilities booth, and the expert shows me how I can run the created web app to convert into Android apk file, and to run the web app on the emulator. It makes life so easy for developers to test and build PWA more frictionless today. 

There are also other capabilities, you can find out more from codelabs

  • chromeOS Pixelbook Go

At Chrome Dev Summit I have touched and played around the Chrome os book, the model Google Pixelbook Go. There are two colors: Just black and Not pink (Not pink is still not yet release, it will be coming soon, you could join waitlist now).

Chromebook allows you to develop your mobile application on top of the machine, it provides you native support of what you need, and you could streamline from development to publish on the book, which is awesome for mobile front end developer. As long as it’s Linux supported you could run your android app on the laptop. I used to have one at home but that was the old version like 5 years ago.

PWA (progressive web app): is the web app that enables you to run and convert into native android app and can run on top of it. If you don’t know what PWA is: PWA (progressive web app) is the web app that enables you to run and convert into a native Android app and can run things on top of it.

Women’s night event in SFMOMA

There is one exceptional event held a night before Chrome Dev Summit, this is  The Women and Allies Reception. This is a great opportunity to meet other women attendees of Summit, and also the lightning talks and panel discussion with key members along the night provided by Google for attendees. 

The event is held in SFMOMA(San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) which is famous holding an internationally recognized collection of modern and contemporary art. The food are various and beverages too, I enjoyed the signature mango cucumber drink. 

During the event, I have talked to other women in tech from local companies, and met new friends. I took pictures in the gallery of SFMOMA with pieces of arts. For the lightning talk, there are 4-5 incredible women sharing about their experience in different perspectives of career, and sharing inspiring words to people. Also during the panel, these women come together to answer some questions about more career advice, how to handle some circumstances at work, how to manage to get a situation at work succeeded etc. by sharing these warm words, I feel very motivated and inspired. 


  • Made new friends during the event,
  • Took pictures with friends you made
  • Attended the panel talk to get more insight about inspiring women’s story at their career
  • Enjoyed a variety of food and snacks.

List of side services of the event and venue Google provides:

  • Child care
  • Youth Attendees
  • Multifath contemplation room(prayer room)
  • Mothers room
  • All gender restrooms
  • Accessibility accommodations
  • Coat check
  • Meal
  • Livestream


During this event, I really learned a lot from Google’s products and realize more features of software. Before the event, I may know the product but not so sure how and what to use it efficiently. Also, in this event, as usual in Google’s event, I met new people! Furthermore, I started connecting with Google developers, not only can discuss technical features and experience about projects but also can talk more about the events and other cool stuff, etc. This is an amazing experience, I have never been disappointed by Google’s events. Next time, if you have the chance, don’t miss out on the Google Dev Summit next year! Believe me, you will get more than you imagine!

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