5 things that need to change about Facebook

There have been many, many problems with Facebook, most of them Mr Zuckerberg could not really answer for. But, even though the road of Facebook is a bumpy one, still millions of people use it on a daily basis. We feel that Facebook could change for the better. Here’s how.

1. More transparency

In order for Facebook to really move forward and win the hearts back of the audience that did decide to leave in the past few years, it would be great if Facebook was a bit more transparent. As we are interested in technology we often read about new additions to the platform, but Facebook is not really informing their customers about it through the platform itself. It would be great if Facebook was a bit more clear on how it works.

2. Different colors

Isn’t blue the most boring color of all? It looks businessy, it looks expensive and especially the shade of Facebook is just a bit bland. Sure, that does make it easier to use Facebook during work hours, but that is not really what it is meant for, right? We are not expecting Facebook to open up greatly: no free HTML-options soon, but if we could just change the color of the platform to our liking, it would be so much more attractive.

3. More options in choosing fonts

The same goes for fonts. I remember having to look for ages before I understood how I could make my font bold on Facebook. And it was hard. It would perhaps be a bit too crazy if we could all use twenty different fonts at once, but if you can just set the font you like and you see all the posts in that font, that would be nice. Or if it was easier to make something bold or underlined, that would be great too. Sometimes you just want to stand out it the crowd, right?

4. Better security

Obviously we need better security, cause Facebook has been failing us greatly there. It was only half a year ago that 50 million Facebook users were affected by a massive security breach. Obviously as Facebook is so big, it is a target for hackers, but there are also smaller things in which Facebook could step up: fake contests and profiles for example. They should be way, way more strict when it comes to the protection of their users.

5. A different menu

I do not know why, but Facebook actually thinks I want to see the Marketplace. I do not, but yet it is in the navigation in a very prominent way. I would rather pick my own menu: I want to quickly be able to see what my best friends are posting, I want to see what people responded to my posts and a place where I can see my own wall. And may be something to quickly go to events or groups I really think are important. That should be it, right? Facebook could be so much more personal.

These were just 5 things of the many that we would like to see different, do you have anything to add?

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